Why I’m Switching To Medium

Four years ago I launched my own blog colorglare.com built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub. I have written four posts in those years, and I think that moving to Medium will help me change that.


I just released my Solo EP «Flashlights» and built a page to promote its first single of the same title. Since the page itself is a bit more than a collection of links, and interacts with the video playing in the background, I figured that it might be of interest to some people to gain insight into the build process.

Stop writing stateful HTML

A lot has changed in the fifteen years that I have been developing websites. The biggest changes happened in the browser, completely restructuring how normal web services are built. Now everybody expects your website to have at least a few dynamic elements, be it your login form, your shopping cart or a contact form.

To close or not to close

Have you ever wondered if it’s better to “close” a br or input tag like <br /> or if it’s better to just write <br> in HTML5? Or why it’s not correct to write <script src="script.js" />? Well so have I, and my findings on the subject were a lot more interesting than I anticipated (if for some strange reason you find stuff like this interesting).

Going public

This is the first draft of my website. I have been thinking of creating a website for about two years now, but never got to the point where I actually created it. I always lost interest as soon as I had finished yet another design.